The Cat and The Sea

This is a vague but interesting poem. The first stanza poetries a picture that a black cat stayed on a cliff top in March, watching the gorse petals. The second stanza says that the black cat purred in the cold interiors and looked into the sea. The poem does not show an obvious theme, however, it gives reader enough space to come up with their own understanding. The author uses “It is a matter of a black cat “to start the poem, instead of a white cat or a tabby cat, because in many cultures, black cat is spiritual and usually related to religion. The black was on a bare cliff top in March. This picture gives reader a sense of cold, loneliness and unanimated. The next line brings us something alive. I picture a scene that everything is in black and white, except the yellow gorse. Then, the black cat started purring. As we know, cat would purr when they feel safe and comfortable. The black cat was in the cold interiors and looked into the sea as a mirror, which means that the cat can see himself in the sea and feel truly safe when he knows who he is. From my perspective, the black cat represents human’s soul. We live in a world that may not be perfect, but there are still gorse petals, which can be seen as hope, in our life. When we look at the mirror and observe our spirit, we can find out who we are and that is the moment that we find the true peace.

It is a matter of a black cat
On a bare cliff top in March
Whose eyes anticipate
The gorse petals;

The formal equation of
A domestic purr
With the cold interiors
Of the sea’s mirror.

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